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Hi Friends! Awhile ago I posted the top 5 reasons to have an engagement session. you can see that post here. Now, I am listing out a few of my favorite Father/Daughter, Mother/Son dance songs! This part of the wedding is always just the sweetest! I love watching the parents of the bride and groom so in love with their “forever” baby. Now, you see, I am a mom of 2 boys. I can’t even think of them past the age of what they are in at this moment, so watching the parent dances at a wedding, you better believe I usually have waterworks happening behind my lens….!

The father/daughter dance is one of the most touching, and truly magical moments. I know that it might be hard to find the perfect song. I was once a bride looking for the song to dance with my dad to… The song you need must represent the unique bond you share with your dad. You need to be extra careful with the lyrics here. You don’t want that awkwardness, as it becomes obvious the song is about a more romantic relationship. What you need is a song about fatherly &  motherly love, and it is not that simple to find. For my wedding, I was having a hard time choosing, so I reached out to my dad and asked him what he thought. Right away he said ” What a Wonderful World.” So, thats what it was.

Around the time of my wedding I remember dancing in my driveway with my dad during the summer to perfect our dance. ( I was a ballroom dance teacher then and I was trying to teach my dad the waltz…) but if your dad is anything like mine…. he already knows how to waltz, so teaching the steps for him wasn’t necessary! haha. This moment of our dance during my wedding day was special. He was so happy and I was so happy and it was just so nice to have a moment with him, together on the dance floor, dancing to the song he chose.

So if you are stuck on the song, just ask. Ask your mom or dad what song they might want to dance to when they have their moment with you. You can give your favorite 5 they can choose from, or you can let them completely change it.

Here is my list of songs that I have loved in my wedding photography experience. These songs can be used for either of the parent dances:

  1.  What a Wonderful Word- Louis Armstrong ( This was my song with my dad) .
  2. You Raise me Up- Josh Groban ( Cue the waterworks!)
  3. You Are So Beautiful– Joe Crocker
  4. My Girl– The Temptations
  5. I Hope you Dance– Lee Ann Womack
  6. Tiny Dancer– Elton John
  7. Butterfly Kisses– Bob Carlisle
  8. My Wish– Rascal Flats
  9. Over the Rainbow– Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole
  10. Three Little Birds– Bob Marley
  11.  Isn’t She Lovely– Stevie Wonder
  12. I Loved her First– Heartland
  13. Daddy’s Little Girl– Michael Buble’
  14. When you Need Me– Bruce Springstein
  15. In My Life– The Beatles
  16. God Only Knows– The Beach Boys
  17. The Man You’ve Become- Music Central
  18. I’ll Always Love My Mama– The Intruders
  19. Forever Young– Rod Stewart ( CUE THE WATERWORKS AGAIN FOR ME)
  20. Unchanged Melody– The Righteous Brothers ( Tissues anyone?!)

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