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After I had my first son, Ethan, I attended a group at the hospital that was offered on Mondays from 12-2. This group was a breast feeding support group and without it, I have no idea how I would have gotten through the first year of being a mom. I won’t go into the struggles of breastfeeding, as this post is not about that, but, this group was just more than that. It was a community of moms, all reaching out for support during a time when their whole life changed. Change for the better, yes, but we really all felt like ( and sometimes still do feel like) we had no idea what we were doing!

I met so many wonderful moms in this group who I am still close to almost 4 years later. Our kids have all grown up together and we hope that they will continue to grow together. Even though we no longer live in Plymouth, we are making it a point to still be close to this group of women and children. We love each and every one of them!

Satina is a mom I met at this group when Ethan was just 1 week old. Her son, Colton was about 3 months then and it was just so heart warming knowing that I wasn’t alone, and she opened right up and provided so much support around the stages I was just starting to go through, when she just did them herself. I took photos of Colton for his 1 year milestone and now, I was able to capture a Fresh 48 for their second baby boy, Paxton.

Paxton was born on July 4th in Plymouth! I traveled to plymouth with my kiddos and I am so thankful for our mom group TRIBE that our friend, Jamie watched the boys so I could go to the hospital to see Satina and her family for these photos. I just LOVE Fresh 48’s. You don’t get these moments back, and there is something so amazing getting to see mom and dad just after going through something so incredible that I am so thankful I do what I do! Big Brother Colton was there with us. He’s already the best big brother! I loved hearing about how different her labors and births were from one another and getting to see some of the nurses who helped me when I was there after both Ethan and Henry.

I edited their full album having all photos in both color and black and white. That was something new for me to do and I have to say as much as I love my light and airy style, seeing these images in black and white just make my heart melt!

Thank you Satina, Mark, Colton and Paxton for having me there just 22 hours after Paxton entered the world! He is absolutely PERFECT and I am so excited to watch him and Colton grow! ( although I know we all want them to stay little forever!) Jamie, Thank you so much for watching Ethan and Henry! They had so much fun playing with Avery and Natalie while I was at the hospital! You guys are seriously, THE BEST! I love you all! ( Shout out to Sue West and everyone in the Monday BID Mom’s Group!)



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