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I realize that I have been focusing a lot on weddings. Posting mostly photos from my Ali B Couples special day, sharing lots of wedding wisdom this winter. I am extremely excited I am able to to do that and I hope brides and grooms find it inspirational when planning their wedding.

Today I wanted to do something a little different and start a Motherhood category on the blog. I know you all know my kiddos. They are the joy in my life and I just love sharing their cuteness… See.. I mean.. Look at them!

But in all seriousness, I am going to share posts in this section not just of my kiddos, but kiddos I get to meet throughout the years as well! To start, I am sharing my 10 favorite photos that I have taken of kiddos to inspire you to pick up your camera and shoot away! You do not need a professional camera to get amazing photos of your children!

  1. Let them make a mess. I love it when my kids are laughing so hard and making a mess…Deep down..I really do not love the mess, but I love their laughter and pure joy when they throw all their blankets on the floor and their stuffed “friends” When they do this, they almost always pretend to sleep. So grab the camera and get the shot! It’s not all the time they place nice together.

2. Reading– Henry has a love for books! He will stop what he is doing at any time during the day to sit down and read. I caught him sitting on Ethan’s bed reading a book from our little library. I saw him and loved how the light was on him I had to grab a photo. If he saw me taking this picture he would have probably moved and told me “No Picture”. So, try to sneak it for the best candid!

3. Sleeping– When I get both of my kids to sleep at the same time I feel like supermom! I work during that time but I do spend some time just watching them. Ethan is 4 1/2 and he is just the sweetest. I mean look at him sleeping. Sneak in a photo of a nap so you can cherish it forever! Especially when they no longer nap as they get older.

4. Adventure– Everyday is an adventure with kiddos! You can use your phone and capture awesome photos. ( There are some cell phone shots in this post- can you tell what ones??)

5. At the hospital- After having a baby I know you want to savor each moment! Bring your camera and have visitors snap a few for you if you can’t do it. The hospital (Fresh 48) photos are always my favorites.

6. Being Playful– Dress them up and take them out! Here was a fun sister moment that I just so happened to catch….!

7. Jumping Puddles– Get the rain boots on and get outside! Let them go to town in the puddles! They will love you for it!

8. Focus on the details– Look at their hands. Are they chunky? Do you just love their little hand dimples? I am sure you do! So capture them! When they can have a prop- like a toy or leaves as this photos has, its lets them play and they will “show” you what they got giving you time to grab that photo and not have it be blurry.

9. Silhouette by the window– Here we had a sleep over with a friend and it was snowing outside. The boys were playing at the window and watching the snow fall. They looked so cute standing there and it came out to be a dark photo I turned black and white.

10. Love– Capturing the love they have for other kids/siblings is just the cutest! When they show their love to someone try to capture those moments. They happen way too quickly! You will love that you have those images.

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