Charleigh Holiday Session | Medford, NJ

“Ali, Ali, Ali… Can you take a picture of me and Ethan for my Christmas card this year?  I just love him so much!” – Charleigh

Charleigh, oh how I absolutely love this little girl. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we went to New Jersey for a week to celebrate Thanksgiving with our New Jersey  family and friends. Each time we visit, we stay with our cousins who have a beautiful 6 year old, Charleigh. She has been the best helper with Ethan every time we have gone there and she and E look forward to visiting each other many time throughout the year. This year I captured a few photos of Charleigh in the backyard of her home. She was so excited to have her photos taken and she was such a great listener doing everything I asked her.

The backyard was filled with nice places to walk around as it was surrounded  by high trees and leaves! We sat in the leaves, played a bit tossing them in the area, borrowed a neighbors yard as well to use their shed and cute bench and explored different areas of the woods. 

While Charleigh will not be using a photo of she and Ethan for her Christmas Card this year, I did get a few photos of them together which I will share at the end of this blog post. Here are a few of my favorite “C” moments as well as a few “C and E” moments… We are in the process of planning another New Jersey trip  to see everyone again before Baby B2 arrives in April. Charleigh and Ethan are two peas in a pod and when they are not together, they ask for one another daily.

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