Henry’s 3rd Birthday | Bedford, NH

I can not believe our baby boy is 3 years old!! Where is our baby?!? We celebrated Henry’s birthday at home, quarantined. I have to say, this day was so special for him! He is old enough to understand birthdays and he has been non stop talking about his “fire truck birthday” and “who is coming to my party?” for several weeks leading up to his big day. It definitely was the #1 topic of bed time conversations.

Since we had a feeling that his original birthday party plans were going to fall through we wanted to make his birthday super special at home. Since he’s been talking about having a Firetruck birthday party for a few months now, we tried our best to make it a special fire truck birthday for him! We created a virtual birthday party invite where we asked friends and family to share a photo, video or a few words so that we can share it all with him throughout the day.

It was so amazing to see all of the videos and photos that were shared in the event! I was able to screen shot them all for this blog post! Not only did he just receive these amazing messages, many of our friends and family sent him something in the mail, which… who doesn’t love mail?! We even had a friend of ours come and decorate the front door for him! It was all such a wonderful surprise for him (and us!) Another wonderful friend made him some decorations with their cricket (which is now on my wish list)! It was so perfect!

He took a nap around 12:30 this day so that when we woke up we could do some family things outside. Right around the time he woke up, a friend of mine, Carilyn texted me and said to make sure everyone was outside at 3:00 and to have cameras and videos ready….. HUH? Ummm Okay…..

So we go outside….. what happens next?? 2 Bedford Firetrucks come around the corner with their sirens on! (Carilyn’s husband is a Firefighter with the Sandwich, MA Fire Department). Henry and Ethan could not believe it!! It was just so amazing to see their excitement. Many neighbors came outside for the Firetruck Parade! It was just so awesome. We really can not thank them enough!! To this day, we are still talking about how amazing his whole day was!

We had a virtual Zoom meeting with family and friends after dinner to sing to him. Everyone’s voices were all so amazing ( haha!). He loved seeing them all and then he loved getting to eat cake and ice cream! It was definately a birthday that we will never forget! We are still planning on having his birthday party just so we can have everyone together, but we will be deciding on a date for that later once we know what is going on in the word.

Thank you, EVERYONE for helping make Henry’s 3rd Birthday so special! We love you all!






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