The Notari Family | Bedford, NH

Sessions like these just MELT MY SOUL! This family was so much fun to be around, I did not want our session to end! The kids, Benjamin and Sophie were the sweetest things who were so happy to have their photos taken! Little Benjamin had some great ideas on where to stand and what shots to get. He was a great helper! Sophie had just celebrated her 3rd birthday the day before our session so I was thrilled to capture her 3 year old photos for mom and dad. She was not wanting to be in the photos alone, but she was so happy to have mom and dad with her for most of her birthday photos!

Now. if you know me, you guys all know I love love love details! Hannah asked me to capture something very important to her during our session that made me tear up. You see, she is wearing 3 rings on her finger. Each ring represents her babies. The baby that is due in October is their rainbow baby but she wears these rings because even though one baby is not physically with her, they are with her in spirit and she always wants to have them near. The rings have Benjamin and Sophie’s name on them, a due date from baby #3 and once this little bundle arrives, she will add on another ring. Isn’t this the sweetest thing?! I just love it so much and I am so happy she told me about this so that I could capture these precious memories for her.

So, I bet you wanna know what they are having…. I do too! But! We will have to wait! Hannah and Robert decided that since they found out the gender for their first 2 kiddos, they want to be surprised for this new baby. When they told me this, as much as I want to know, I appreciated this decision as this is what we did for Ethan and Henry! The surprise of finding out the gender the day you meet them is such a gift and THE BEST surprise! I for sure thought that Henry was a girl and when they said he was a boy I was shocked but still so amazing and so happy. Whoever this little one is, I pray that he or she is healthy and safe and that they give mom an easy and “pain free” (if it can be pain free) delivery.

Hannah, Robert, Benjamin and Sophie, thank you so much for spending the night with me, making me laugh and caputre all these amazing moments of your family before your littlest is here. It is so amazing to see the love you all have for one another and when you look at these photos, you will see just that coming from everyone. So. Much. Love! I am so excited to meet your newest baby and I hope that you can treasure these next few weeks together as a family of 4 before you are a family of 5! I can not wait to see you all again! Here are some of my favorites from our session together. I hope you love these as much as I do! xoxo.

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