Falmouth Road Race | August 2016

For the past 3 years, my husband has participated in the Falmouth Road Race, running with Team Lanzoni. He and his team has raised over 2,000,000 for  Dana Farber Cancer Institute which if you ask me is absolutely amazing. The dedication to fundraising,  training and running their heart out in the race is so inspiring that getting to watch the process is so much fun and I love being a part of the race, cheering the runners on.  

This year my son, Ethan, is about to turn 2 and this was be his second Falmouth Road Race! He has trained with my husband and is so inspired/motivated that he too loves to run. “ Go dada go, Go Ethie Go!” he says as he runs after his dada. As a family we have ran in over five 5k’s since Ethan has been born. Anything  further than that, we cheer my husband, which is so much fun. This year, Ethan is more mobile and was so ready to watch the runners and cheer. I was afraid he was going to try to run out in the street to be with the runners, but he was such a good listener and stayed with me on the side watching in awe! We were between the Dana Farber flags with new friends, and having so much fun! Before the race started, Ethan handed other supporters some sidewalk chalk so they can make pictures for the runners, we played with pom poms, talked to others, ran around, and looked at the boats. He even got his first tatoo! The weather was so perfect too which helped the runners get their best times! I am so happy I was able to bring my camera to this family event. I snapped a few photos of Ethan cheering, and some of the runners.  We made this a long family weekend and stayed over on the cape. Between the race and the family time we got, we all had so much fun and E and I couldn’t be more proud of “Dada!”

Here are some photos I took  this weekend as we cheered the runners! We can not wait until next year!IMG_6763 e1 IMG_6732 IMG_6752 e3 IMG_6799 e5 IMG_6757 IMG_6780 e6 e7 IMG_6824 e4 IMG_6858 e8 IMG_6901 e9 e2e10

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