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Happy New Year Everyone!! I took a week off from Christmas to New Years to relax my mind and not worry about ‘ did I post a sneak peek? blog enough? does my Instagram look okay? did I share that one..?!” It was nice not having to think about all that ( well, who am I kidding…. I did think about it at times) and spend the days with my family and playing with all the awesome things Santa brought!! Now, its 2018 and I have lots of goals and sessions to plan for, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what 2018 will bring!

Before the new year I posted a BTS of Ali B Families. You can see that post here. It was a lot of fun going back and looking at the photos from the year where as you can see, many things, take a village. I am always so thankful for my families and couples, but I am also so thankful for all the help and learning experience I encounter throughout the year from other creatives in this profession!

Here you will see some behind the scenes taken at weddings from 2017! I wasn’t planning for this post throughout the year, these photos just happened to be captured on the cards that my couples didn’t see. They are fun and for 2018  I plan on making it a point to get more behind the scenes to share with you each year. I hope these images bring a smile to your face, and if it was your wedding, I hope it brings you laughter and great memories!

To all of my 2017 Ali B Brides and Ali B Grooms, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for trusting me to capture you special day! I loved getting to know each and every one of you! We shared a lot of laughter and some tears. I will never forget you guys and I hope that I keep seeing you all year after year for those other special milestones in your life!

** In April. My first wedding of the year was 3 weeks after Henry was born. Jen and Dylan knew I was expecting and we worked together on a plan to make their special day one they will never forget. I hired 3 photographers to capture their wedding day. Each photographer had a similar style to mine and I knew would work well together. I attended their wedding for about 1 hour as I just had a baby and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stay longer than that like I would have hoped. It was so nice to get to stop in an congratulate them. I did get to snap a few portraits which was special. Their final images were gorgeous and I was so excited to share them. Since I was not able to shoot their wedding, I was able to edit them, blog and do all the other behind the scenes things for this wonderful couple.**

Photographers: Jessica K. Feiden, Lisa McNeil and Shawn Potter

Jessica and Lisa working hard  getting different eye perspectives of the same shot. Thanks Shawn for this image!

A fun shot of Shawn in a mirror at Chatham Bars Inn

Sometimes the wind doesn’t want to work on your wedding day… 

Shawn scoping out the area where portraits were happening. Looking dapper!

My grand- just had a baby- appearance. Swollen and all! getting in some wedding day convo with Jen! She was a stunning bride and just so beautiful inside and out! I wish I could have been there longer but I am thankful I was able to go for that short time! 

Jessica setting everyone up for their family portraits

A first look on a beautiful dock over looking the water! This location was so pretty for a first look! I was explaining to my groom, Abe how his bride to be was going to come up behind him and tap his shoulder… we practiced a few times with Lisa filling in for Joyce! 

Shooting and explaining what I wanted to happen next! 

Trying to let the wind work with us! Thanks Lisa! 

Me pretending I am Abe and what I wanted them to do/ what it should look like. This made for some great laughs!

They made it look way better….. lol

Abe wanted to try my next request….. 

apparently I am really funny!!

This wedding was in May about 1 month after having Henry…… Still look like I just had a baby! But still WORKIN IT!

Just me…walking in front of a what would have been an nice candid moment…. 

Lisa getting those in the air moments!

This was so fun! Bournedal Function Facility allows their brides, grooms and photographers to take a ride! Here I am trying not to fall into the water while capturing beautiful sun set images on the water! 

you know what, we are moving….let me sit….

again with the wind…..!

explaining what I need from each person… but there was so much excitement after the bride and groom became Mr. and Mrs. I don’t think anyone heard my direction! But they definitely didn’t miss the bobby pins! 

Team work makes the dream work! Look at this bridal party! (don’t look at my bobby pins!)

Next directions being given…. some people were a little confused….. 

Pretend I am not even there….. Have your moments…..

Lisa and I started showing a few highlight videos this year! Here Kelly and Mike and looking at a few photos from their wedding day having a special moment..while a guest is charging their phone…. You’re welcome.

Lining up the family list is hard! Sometimes is it raining ( I think I am looking up at how bad the rain was going to be) and we need to be fast. The bride and grooms new Brother in law Henri took over my family list and got everyone where they needed to be! It was MUCH appreciated! Thanks Henri!

Trying to decide what to wear for a wedding can be hard. I wanted something different and my son was with me helping….. or not….. 

Again with the wind…. 

until it really does want to work…. 

Having fun with Lisa during dinner! Say Cheese!

Testing my light on this awesome garden at Highfield Hall

More light testing…. 

When your father daughter dance is so awesome, it brings you to the ground! 

Rain on your wedding day. Umbrellas all around! 

Making Maddie and James walk on the Jetti for the perfect shot…. Again, thank you for trusting me! 

Lisa getting those vows while I was getting lots of angles

more rain on your wedding day… sometimes you don’t have an umbrella…

This year I did a few weddings with other photographers as their second shooters! Here I am capturing the groom and his guys before the ceremony began for Jessie Wyman Photography!

First look angles…. I backed up eventually… 

Looking for that perfect family photo location spot and light test. Melting in the humidity….. 

Stalker shots…. 

there is something about that leg twist that makes a difference from one photo to the next, I swear!

walking and shooting… multitasking!

Just me again ruining a wonderful shot… 

I second shot with Shore Shotz Photography this year and the wedding we did together at the Sea Crest was so much fun! I learned a lot, the bride and groom were fantastic and look who came to celebrate with them during their reception! We had fun taking a few photos with Zac before the party started! 

When your drivers ed teacher photobombs your bridal party portraits……!

It takes a village…. 

Lollipops, Thank goodness for Lollipops…

When your son is the ring bearer….. 

Getting that perfect first kiss moment! 

There goes that leg twist again… 

The best guys and the BEST helpers!

sneaking in a kiss with the ring bearer… 

and a dance…. 

Teaching Maddie how to hold her flowers because clearly she doesn’t know…?!

Found that cool mirror on my own from above at CBI during my last wedding of the year! Second Shooting with Kellie Ryan Photography!

Freezing but oh so perfect!

Having some fun before an engagement session on Boston with the September 2018 bride and groom and their friends! 

Red Sox and Yankee fans at the perfect engagement location spot! Can’t wait for 2018 weddings!

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