Duxbury Beach Session | Duxbury, MA

This session was so much fun! Mom contacted me to see if I can get a few photos of her son on the beach before the summer ended. Who doesn’t love beach photos!? We planned to have the session at Duxbury Beach and set the date and time. My son Ethan came with me so the kids could see each other because they are little friends and so close in age.

I could not believe how fearless this little guy was! Once we got on to the beach, he kicked off his shoes and went straight to the water. It was different for me, because my son, does not like the sand on his feet and it takes him about 45 minutes to an hour to warm up to the idea of feeling the water. Not Ben. He loved his toes getting messy!

Ben’s mom wanted a nautical feel in these photos and had several changes of clothes. Thankfully, she over packed because as soon as little Ben put his toes in the water, I snapped 3 photos and then all of a sudden he face planted into the water! His first outfit was completely soaked and poor Ben didn’t even know what happened! I helped him up, he didn’t even make a sound. He went right to mom and she put on a new outfit. He was so cute just taking in the feel of the ocean air, and the water and sand between his toes. Ethan, my assistant as I like to call him when I bring him to photo sessions, did a great job helping me get Ben to smile.

While this was Ben’s session. There was a point where I had to get the two of them talking and playing with the fence on the beach. It was absolutely adorable and it gave me and idea of ” Bestie Beach Sessions!” I really would love to set up something like that for next year, because seriously, they melted my heart. The boys are 3 months apart in age and its so nice to see them together, talking and playing. Ethan and I had so much fun at this session!  Ben and his family are part of the Ali B Family and I will be seeing a lot of them in the next few months not only for play dates, but for family sessions and I can’t wait!

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