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Lifestyle Photography is something I am passionate about and would love to expand on as I grow as a professional in the photography field. If you have not already seen some of my monthly lifestyle work, check out MOTHERHOOD WITH A GLASS OF WHINE. I document their family in the comfort of their own home, as they are doing their own thing, enjoying life as a family of (now) 6! She’s an awesome mom blogger with lots of baby knowledge and tons of reviews on products to share!

Lifestyle photography is different than those sessions lasting outside of the home, with me asking you to pose in a certain way. Now, while I too love those sessions and I enjoy shooting at outside locations, the lifestyle session focus is to capture you, and your family in the moment, enjoying each other. The goal in this type of photography is to “capture you in those real life events/milestones artistically in every day life.”  I do NOT pose my subjects in lifestyle sessions. I do NOT tell you what to wear during an at home session. I do NOT tell you where to look when I am capturing the moment and I do NOT bring props. The props I use are those all around the house, and I love that about these sessions! Those special touches I find inside of your home, that help to tell a story about who you are as a family. It doesn’t get any more special than that! During these sessions, I will assist in choosing the best rooms to focus on during our session. The light in the rooms have everything to do with the story to tell, so I will focus on finding that perfect window lighting to capture the brightness of you all. I will also suggest activities to start with, a game, sitting on the couch, talking, tickle monster games for those with little ones…Things like that. Although I will not pick your outfit, I can help to guide you with something you already have in your own closet to best bring out your personality during our session.


Newborn Lifestyle vs. Newborn Posed: 
Many people will come me and inquire about newborn photography. Newborn photography is the perfect time to capture these moments in lifestyle form as these are the moments that go by so fast and no moment is ever the same. I do not offer posed newborn photography at this time. It is just not something I have chosen to specialize in.  I do not have a studio or the proper props for those Anne Gedes kind of portraits, and I am okay with that. I do however have the passion to work with you and your family being in the most natural setting being you, enjoying life together with you newest addition to your family. Do you see the difference?T45A4936.jpg


Another kind of lifestyle newborn session I am most passionate about is Fresh 48 Photography! I have been invited to several births in 2016 and I cannot wait to expand this series of sessions in 2017. Fresh 48 photography are sessions that take place in the hospital (or place of birth) 24-48 hours after your baby has arrived.  These moments are real. They are those first real life moments as a family, exhausted, and in so much in love. These moments should be kept for lifetimes to come, and they might just happen to be my favorite kinds of sessions ever. The businesses in the hospital with your guests to meet the baby for the first time, the nurses and doctors coming in to check on you I want to capture it all! Yes, you must be thinking, “ I just had a baby, I don’t want my photo taken a few hours after that…” but really, you are so beautiful! YOU just had a baby! How amazing is that?!? Mom, please know, you are gorgeous and you look exactly the way you should look, like a blushing new mom who in deed, JUST had a baby! I will capture you, I will capture dad and I will capture that new little bundle (or bundles!). What I share on social media is entirely up to you and what you are comfortable with! We can talk more about that during our session together!

So, are you expecting?! Congratulations! Let’s connect and plan your lifestyle session/ Fresh 48! I can not wait to meet your little one!


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