Moore State Park Engagement | Paxton, MA

You guys! This New England weather has been insane lately! It really can not make up its mind- I mean…. It has been SO hot and SO humid around here, but the day of this session… it was over cast and a little chilly if you ask me! It was actually great weather to have an engagement session in since we were walking a good bit, and climbing through tall grass, I was pretty happy the humidity wasn’t too bad. ( for the whole session… towards the end it was hot!)

Katie and Jared chose this location- Moore State Park in Paxton, MA as it was here that they had their first real conversation! Yup, thats right. We went back to the spot that they chatted about whats next for them, and I got to capture their story all around! I love it when my Ali B Couples choose locations that have such special meaning to them!

We had a blast during their session! I loved getting to know them, talk all about their wedding day plans and even listening to music in the background to Ludacris- Jared’s pick! They were so amazing and their modeling skills are on point! I got really excited when Katie told me she taught Salsa lessons… so I had her teach some salsa to Jared on the spot which made for such great photos of them on the bridge!

Katie and Jared, I LOVED getting to know you both! I loved dancing to the music playing in my back pocket and it was so great that you were both up for anything! Thanks for climbing through that tall grass with me! I swear it didn’t look THAT tall from the parking lot! I can not wait for your wedding day!



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