Oliver Mill Park | Brother Session

I am bias when I say “boys are the BEST!” Because well, I am a boy mom! This lucky momma has 3 handsome boys to look after and I bet she would agree with me! I had so much fun photographing this session with these 3 brothers.

The weather for this session was chilly! It was a rain date and believe it or not, it rained this morning too! We braved the chill and the light rain and I am so glad we did. I love these photos! Mom’s vision of this shoot was that she just wanted a photo for Christmas Cards of her 3 boys. Mom and Dad warned me that their middle son, Brian could be tough to get a photo of, I assured them that I could do it. He warmed up to me and I was able to get nice photos of him! 🙂

I loved getting to know the boys during this shoot, mom told me about each one of them. “Big brother Tyler is a Seahawks fan (living in a Patriots household), likes video games, basketball and readying. Middle brother Brian loves playing basketball and is also really into trucks, buses and trains. He is sweet as pie and he sure does keep us laughing. Nathan is the most smiley baby ever, he’s is always happy and loves watching his brothers. He is rolling around, playing with toys and chomping on them too”.  They are too cute and I can not wait to see them again soon! I hope they found their Christmas Card Photo!
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  • LOVE THIS –As a mom of 5 now grown sons, it often seems like boys are under-represented in the photography and blogging world. They don’t do the dress-up themes like little girls do, so it’s harder to motivate people to document their growing-up years. You did a lovely job!


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