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Myspace… that’s right everyone, Myspace. Do you remember that? Well, Phil and Melissa will remember that forever as it played a huge part in the start of their relationship. That is the way they found each other. Back in 2006, Phil searched for the girl of his dreams by their distance via Myspace which lead him to Melissa. Seeing that they both had a similar taste in music, caused him to message her. She told me on their wedding day that as soon as she opened the door, it was “love at first sight.” I absolutely love hearing about how my brides and grooms met, how they proposed and all things them! I never thought I would hear “myspace” as a way of meeting. That site brings back so many memories!

Phil and Melissa share their 10 year anniversary with their wedding date. Their venue, The Belfry Inn use to be an old church that now is an intimate inn allowing a small wedding to be held there. The venue was absolutely perfect and unique! I have never seen anything like it before! The stain glass windows, the restaurant area, the rooms, everything was so cool and I couldn’t get enough of it. They had their family and closest friends celebrating with them for the weekend and it was so  nice that they all could be close and not have to leave the venue. The inn is open for lunch and dinner during the week and weekends when an event is not going on. I can’t wait to go back there!

The holidays are coming up, and I know that Christmas is a special time for Phil and his family. Each year the holiday is spent at Phil’s parents house and by the end of the night, there is a gift hidden that Melissa needs to find. Last year, Phil proposed and Melissa said yes! This year will be the first Christmas they get to spend together as husband and wife.

Phil and Melissa did a first look before their wedding ceremony. The location they choose for this was just outside of their room, in a beautiful hall way. I love how all first looks and all weddings are so different. When Phil turned around to see her for the first time, tears were flowing. Their faces beamed with love and they couldn’t have been any happier to share their day together. If you see me during a first look, I am usually behind my camera, capturing that special moment, smiling really big and/or crying. Phil and Melissa shared a special first look. Aside from the tears, they were speechless. It was such an amazing moment to their wedding day, and Melissa said that it took her nerves away during the ceremony.

Phil and Melissa, I loved everything about you guys, I loved everything about your wedding venue and I loved everything about your guests. The day was filled with so much joy and the intimate number of guests you had to celebrate filled the space perfectly. You at the time did not know this…but… my favorite kind of cake is funfetti….and well…. your cake was funfetti! The venue had a slice for the vendors before we left nicely displayed on a table for us. The funfetti cake was a surprise and I have seriously told my whole family about it,and now all of my readers!! You guys are so awesome! Your wedding concluded my 2016 year of weddings and I am so thankful! It was a beautiful way to end the year and I will never forget it!  I hope you have a very Married Christmas this year celebrating your first as Mr. and Mrs! Here is just a preview of your images for you to share and remember back to your amazing wedding day.

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Creative Team:

Wedding Venue: The Belfry Inn | Floral Design: Heritage Florist | Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal | Catering:  The Belfry Inn| Cake: Delicious Desserts- Lisa Raffael |First Dance: “I Only Have Eyes for You” – The Flamingoes | DJ: Cape TunesPhotography: Ali B Photography 

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