The Mountain Club on Loon, Wedding Venue | Lincoln, NH

After four years in the wedding industry, I can honestly say that Greg and Katherine’s wedding day was unlike anything I have ever experienced before! They were married on the top of Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH. This was a full weekend trip for me since I had never been to Loon Mountain before. Getting there the day before to scope out the venue was so nice and helpful for the wedding day. After checking the forecast countless times throughout the week, everything looked perfect. It did call for some showers at night on their wedding day, but to me, that meant it would rain while we were all inside.

I spent the whole day taking photos. I went for a walk in the morning to use that early sun light for a few detail venue photos, I headed up and got ready for the day and met Katherine and her girls around 11:30am. They all looked absolutely beautiful with their hair and make-up done and their soft gorgeous grey dresses on. Once Katherine got her gown on, everything came together so perfectly. The look on her girls faces the first time they saw her, the look of her dads face the first time he saw her were moments I will not forget.

While I was with the ladies for their bridal portraits, my assistant was with the guys, waiting on the top of the mountain getting their photos taken. This bridal party had to be one of the funniest bridal parties I have worked with thus far and some of the groomsmen photos will make you laugh out loud, I am sure! I know I did!

The weather was holding up, the sun was shining in and out of a few clouds, making it a nice day for photography. We headed up the mountain on a gondola ride. We were right on time for the ceremony. My goodness! That Ceremony location was breath taking! We were on a mountain, with an incredible view of another mountain and two best friends, saying their ‘I dos!” It was amazing. They had the people they love and who love them all around, I don’t think it gets any better than that!

The look on Greg’s face as he saw her for the first time and the look on her face when she saw him also take my breath away! Both reactions were caught on camera at just the right moments. The two of them wrote their own vows which had all of their guest in tears. They were both so sweet and so in love. They referred to one another as best friends several times this day, and it was clear in the way they looked at each other, and the way the wrote to one another, they are in love.

As the ceremony was ending you can hear the thunder booming. Everyone was able to get up to the gondola area with little time before it came down. The PM thunderstorm that the forecast called for came a lot sooner than I thought! We were all stuck on the mountain with a lightning, wind and hail storm happening right in front of us! All of their guests were so awesome the weather did not stop them from having a great time! We took photos as best as we could in the area we were in and we got to know a few of their guests! Once we got the okay to head back down the mountain in the gondola, we found an inside place for their bridal portraits and family portraits while everyone enjoyed cocktail hour. While the weather was not expected at that time, everything worked out so perfectly. There are MANY stories from this day that they can laugh about now and the memories (and photos) they have will help them relive the best day ever!

Katherine’s dad spoke during the reception saying something I thought was really sweet. He said to Greg, “Greg, I lied when we were up on that mountain and when the officiant asked who gives this hand in marriage. I said I did. But I am not giving her away. I can’t. You can loan her forever, but she will always be my little girl.” This gave me chills and I absolutely love that he said that. It was so nice!

Greg and Katherine, I will not forget the email you sent me over a year ago telling me you will be at Lindsey and Derek’s wedding and you were interested in Ali B Photography for your wedding. I remember being so excited to meet you guys before your big day, at another wedding and I remember being so excited for it to be at Loon Mountain, somewhere I have never been. Thank you so much for inviting me for the weekend and including me in all of your events with your friends and family. Everyone was so welcoming, I had a blast! Happy Birthday to your pup, Winston! How nice to share your wedding day on his birthday! I am so glad I got to meet him and Lincoln during your engagement session not too long ago! And now, I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite photos from your wedding day! Congratulations and best wishes always!


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The Creative Team:

Wedding Venue: Loon Mountain | The Mountain Club at Loon

Cake: Jacque’s Pastry Shop

DJ: 5 Star Events

Dress:  Alexandra’s

Florist: Cherry Blossom Florist

First Dance: I Don’t Dance- Lee Brice

Photography: Ali B Photography


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