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New England weather is really silly….like…really silly. On a freezing cold first day of Spring April Morning, Plymouth Massachusetts got about 6 inches of snow. Yes, I said April, Spring and Snow all in one sentence!! Well, as I was driving home ever so slowly from work, I slowed down to almost a complete stop to take this photo on my street. There was something about the snow in the trees, and still on the street that made it all so peaceful and the snow was still falling which was a nice added bonus. Even though it was a pretty, sight, the real reason I took this photo was to show my husband who was away on a business trip, that this was happening here and he was missing it.

Here is the original photo I took:


I sent this to my husband on the day it was happening, not edited on April 4, 2016.

A few days later, On April 8, 2016 I posted this image to instagram which I edited with my favorite app ‘ Pictapgo’


**** I REALLY wish I took out the trashcan in this image but oh well, its real life stuff right?!***

A few hours later, after this was posted to instagram and tagged with a few of those wonderful little hashtags, someone commented from ABC! She asked permission to use this photo for a news segment about the crazy weather in MA. I happily gave my permission sharing the news with friends and family on facebook to keep an eye out for this image on the news…. well…I was thinking our local news…and well.. I was wrong…..


There is was right next to David Muir on World News Tonight on April 8, 2016! I was not expecting this recognition and I actually did not see it live. A friend of mine shared this photo to me on Facebook which was a complete surprise when I logged in later that night. I found the link which is posted below and shared the world news with everyone I could! This was a really exciting moment for Ali B Photography and I hope to have more of these amazing moments in the future! I have many goals set for my business this year and being featured on World News Tonight was not even on that list!!!! Stay tuned for many more awesome things coming this year!

To view the full weather broad cast please visit: World News Tonight 

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