DIY Greeting Card Booklet

Ever wonder what to do with all of your beautiful and thoughtful greeting cards from your wedding, Christmas, birthday, etc? I am sure many of you keep them for a little then toss them in the garbage or maybe you stash them away in a box somewhere and never see them again?

I love receiving cards and I am a sucker for sentimental items that saving cards for me, is 100% important. This is why I do this simple trick to keep them all together, have them look cute and they are easy to keep out on display if you’d like.

Items you need:

Craft Rings

Double Hole Puncher

Greeting Cards from ANY occasion

Thats it! You should already have the greeting cards you want to use to create you mini book, so you really only need to get 2 things.

All you need to do it:

take a card and line it up centered with the hole puncher.

Press down on the punch creating 2 holes evenly in the middle from edge to edge.

Take one craft ring and hook the card onto the ring from one of the holes.

repeat for the second craft ring.

Repeat these steps until you no longer have anymore greeting cards to add.

Close up the rings and there you have it! A book of greeting cards!

I have done this with the cards we received on our wedding day and they are all still in wonderful shape 10+ years later! I also do these for our holiday cards. I stated doing this is 2010 so right now we have books from the last 10 years as well and each Christmas they are out with our decorations and not only do we love looking at them, guests love it too! Check out the video below to see how I put together our books. Here, I am using our family holiday cards to show you an example but don’t forget, you can use them for any greeting card occasion!

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