Snow Day in New Hampshire

In my latest post, #Printyourphotos I talked about creating a family year book for each year starting with 2014 since that is when Ethan was born. We have always wanted to do this project so we have memories for the kids when they get older and even now, it is fun to look back at the years with them and see how much they have changed!

In this post I am sharing a few of the photos that I started to take for 2019. It is going to be snowing later today into tomorrow, so I figured the best post to start with is a snow day post!

Friends of ours came to visit from New Jersey at the end on January. We had so much fun together and the kids were so amazing. They loved having eachother to play with and they got to do so many fun things. The day it was calling for snow, we had tickets to go to see Disney on Ice. We surprised the kiddos with matching Mickey T-Shirts ( Thanks, Target) and m&ms to have as a special treat. Everyone was so excited to see the show ( I was probably the most excited! 🙂

The snow started once the show ended and the kids loved to watch it out the window. While we stayed inside that night, we went out the next day to play! Ethan and his buddy, Declan loved playing in the snow. They had sled rides and made snow angels, they even went “slide sledding” from the playground. Henry on the other had was not a fan of the snow but he was a trooper and stayed out side with everyone. He tried to take a ride in the sled but that did not last very long. Let me just tell you…. and if you are a parent, you understand… it takes about 45 minutes to get ready to go play in the snow…. and you are outside for about 10-20mins tops. But its worth it. The kids love it so much!

If you are getting snow, be safe, be warm and have fun! Take out your camera and snap a few memories of your kiddos during this time! You will love to look back at them!

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