Travel Journal Day 5 – Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios – May 3, 2022

We set out for Hollywood Studios early! We were out of the hotel room by 6:15am to catch the bus at 6:30am. The park opens for resort guests 30 minutes before it opens to the public. Our plan was to go right to Rise of the Resistance. The line was big to get in but we were pretty close to the front. While waiting I was able to do our first LL.

We decided to do the Star Wars things first. Our first LL was Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run for later in the day. Since I knew we were going to go straight to Rise, we did not need a LL (This ride you need to pay for to do the LL and I was trying to avoid doing that). The gates opened at 7:15 and once we scanned our magic bands and fingerprint, we went right to Star Wars. We were in line for Rise of the Resistance by 7:30am and waited approximately 15 minutes. We get all the way through to board the ship when they shut it down!! There was some technical difficulty with the ride. For everyone that was about to get on, they issued a LL! We were upset but we had a LL (at no cost) and planned to use it a little later in the day. The whole time, hoping that it did not shut down again when we tried to go.

From what I have learned, that a lot of the popular rides fill up in their Lightning Lanes fast. You can either pay for them (anywhere from $12 – $14 per person) or try to get it first thing, or just wait in the standing queue.

We planned our LL’s, however in Hollywood Studios. They all filled up FAST and I was not able to book too many. We still went on a lot of rides, saw some shows, and waited in the lines that were at MAX 30 minutes. We chose not to wait any longer than that. Slinky Dog was 115 minutes with NO LL options (not even to purchase). Same with Rise (not that we needed that one). Mickey’s Runaway Railway had a long stand by queue but I was able to snag a LL for that one. I checked my phone a lot to see wait times and we walked A LOT!

Rides we went on:

Rise of Resistance

Star Tours

Smugglers Run

Indiana Jones Stunt Show

Rockin Roller Coaster (PJ and Ethan waited for this for 20 minutes but they closed it down as they were about to get on. They gained a LL but used it on Smugglers run again as Ethan was not wanting to go on an upside down roller coaster).

Lightning McQueen Show (Me and Henry)

Toy Story Mania

Alien’s Flying Saucers

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Meet Olaf

Muppets 3D

The kids made their own light sabers in the gift shop after Star Tours! They had an area set up to do this and they loved it! This was different than the light Sabre building you need a reservation for. These ranged from $25 – $45 where as the other activity begins at $250.00. The Droid building is also something you need a reservation for, and while we planned to do that, we decided it was too much and they boys were tired. They loved they could build these and play with them right away, we can do droid building next time. (Droid Building begins at $200 and you need a reservation).

We had lunch at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo in Star wars. We ordered our lunch as we watched the Indiana Jones Stunt Show and when we got to the restaurant we checked in and waited 5 minutes. The food was good! PJ had the Batuuan Beef and Crispy Topato Stir-fry – Smoky Braised Beef glazed in Tamarind Sauce. Served with Stir Fried Mushrooms and Vegetables, Crispy Herb Yucca, Pickled Onions, and Cilantro and I had the Pirjanad Hot Chicken Tip Yip Crispy Chicken glazed in a Spicy Chipotle Sauce and served with White Rice and a Relish of Sweet Corn, Shishito Peppers, Jicama, Plantains, and Cilantro. For this day, I had gotten the kids lunchables from my Instacart order and we packed a cooler with snacks and their lunch. They had lunch at quick service places most of the trip but we found that some of the options were “different” kids meals and they wouldn’t eat. This way, I knew they would eat that, and I had so many snacks with us, I was not worried if they’d eat their lunch and man, it’s so important as it’s exhausting walking so much and being in the heat. They needed some energy by eating. This helped ease my anxieties wondering if they were starving since they hardly ate lunch. I recommend this quick service place! The food was good and just like all Disney dining we have done, they have been wonderful with food allergies (I am allergic to all seafood and Ethan is allergic to all nuts).

After lunch we stopped for a drink at the Baseline Tap House. The kids munched on a Mickey Pretzel while PJ and I enjoyed a nice cold beverage. It was hot out so to sit in the shade, continue a little break and get the kids something to snack on (even though they just had lunch, but we all know, kids love snacks). While we were here, we decided on our next portion of the day and tried to book some LL’s. We noticed there was not a long wait for Muppets 3D or to meet Olaf. Ethan picked that he wanted to meet Olaf first so we headed there after our break, waited about 20 minutes to meet Olaf then went back to Muppets 3D.

Muppets 3D is so cute! It does not seem like there is too much happening on that side of Hollywood Studios, and it’s kinda sad to see, but the show was adorable! The boys loved it, they were laughing the whole time and tried to touch whatever it was that looked like it was directly infront of them. PJ and I enjoyed it too but the best is just getting to see the kids enjoy it. If it’s not on your list to do for HS, I recommend it. Its in the AC and you can sit for a few minutes. A nice break on a hot day with entertainment for all. Plus, who doesn’t love the Muppets? Talk about my childhood!

From here our next LL was Micky and Minnie’s Railway. Which I have to say might have been mym favorite ride yet! It’s funny, the last time we were here, this ride was The Great Movie Ride. I actually do not really remember it.. But PJ did and he said it was an awesome ride then.

Also, one thing we remembered that is not longer there was the Back Lot Tour! On our honeymoon we were actually called up to act since we had our honeymoon pins on and our bride and groom mickey and mini ears! This is no longer there which was a bummer because that would have been fun to show the kids!

After Mini and Mickey’s railway, we went to Toy Story land. I had a LL scheduled from earlier (before you couldn’t book them anymore) for Toy Story Mania. This ride was FUN! The kids LOVED getting to shoot at things like we were in a video game and it was fun

I tried to get us a Slinky Dog LL but around 11am, there was not much to choose from and some rides and attractions did Not have much of a long wait. It actually did not even have an area to block of LL at some point during the day, so I am not sure of they were sold out or if HS just stopped it at a certain time… something I will need to look into more…  anyway, Slinky Dog was a 115minute wait, which we ended up not wanting to do. So the kids and I did Alien Saucers and from there PJ and Ethan had a LL from when Rockin Roller Coaster Shut Down to do. They chose to use it for Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run.

We spent some time back in Batuu and Henry and I looked around and fought with light sabers. We took some photos and by this time it was almost time for our Oga’s Cantine reservation.

While waiting for our Oga’s reservation, we learned that on the PLAY DISNEY App, you can plan games associated to your location. Since we were in Batuu,

 there was a fun game that allowed you to “hack” into some of the details within the world we were in. Certain buttons and sounds would go off on buildings that you wouldn’t thknk to try to “hack into” it was fun for the kids and definitely something cool to do, especially if you are there often and have the time to play the games. We just decoded a few things while waiting for our reservation but it’s cool to know there is so much to do, that if you can’t get to it all in one trip… you plan another!

Oga’s was a unique experience! We did not realize it was 90% standing room only and at High Top Tables. So, at this time, our reservation was for 6:45pm, Ethan and Henry were tired and hot… hungry and really did not want to stand up with a table that was higher than them trying to reach up to get their drink. The menu was cool, the atmosphere was awesome but because they did not have an area to sit, we were happy to have the opportunity to try it out, but we onlt stayed for one round of drinks. The boys got a non alcoholic fizzy drink that had popping bubble tea bubbles and some “smoke” coming out. Ethan didn’t love it, and Henry did, he just said “the smoke makes me cough”. Our adult drinks were very good. The service was great and upon leaving, we had to use “the force” to open the door which the kids though was the coolest thing.

Once our Oga’s experience ended it was time to head back to the hotel. On our way out of Hollywood Studios we stopped in to a few shoppes just to browse. Back at the hotel we grabbed some dinner and some beignets (Port Orleans French Quarter is known for their Beignets and boy, they were yummy!) and get to bed.

Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios
We Rope Dropped HS and were in line by 7:30am. We were in the middle of this line to the front.
Hollywood Studios
Henry was not happy we had to wait a little before they opened the park. He was sleepy.
Hollywood Studios
We are IN!! And we were headed straight to Rise of the Resistance!
We made the line and waited 15mins. for Rise of the Resistance. Just as we were about to enter the ship, the ride broke down and we were issued a LL to come back at anytime during the day.
Hollywood Studios
They were standing next to this tree and for a hot minute I couldn’t see them! next time… Neon colors!
Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios
Get the Photo Pass! This was a BTS of the kids getting a photo in front of Tower of Terror.. which we did not go on..
Hollywood Studios
The Muppets area was EMPTY. The Stand By Line for Muppets 3d was 10 mins. There were cute little props to see on your way out and there was no one there to be in the back ground of photos. A good spot to cool down and get some space if needed.
This kid had on the same outfit as Ethan and Henry! We found him when we stepped off to the side to play with our light sabres they made. (these are the plastic ones that you can make in the gift shop right after Star Tours!) They ranged from $25-40 and they are great!
Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios
We came back to Battu’ for lunch and were here most of the time. SO much to see in this land, and we made it to Rise! Henry did not like it- I suggest sound reducing headgear or ear plugs for kids who dont do well with loud noise.
Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios
Music Man, Ethan on the Left | Mickey made out of leaves on the right!

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