This Side of the Sun | Art Exhibition by Katya Roberts

I’ve recently had the opportunity to capture another artists work and I am so excited to share it with you. Katya Roberts is the talented artist behind the new exhibit that is being shown at our church, This Side of the Sun. As soon as I saw this in the lobby at church I had this feeling if needing to be apart of it. With Katya’s full heart in each and every piece she is sharing, something was telling me, this needs to be captured and I need to do it, and Katya needs to have her photos with her work.

We worked together and I was able to capture photos for her to share and spread the word about her art exhibit. She is so inspiring and it’s amazing that this piece she created just so happens to highlight Ecclesiastes, which is the chapter of the bible our church has been teaching the past few months. It was fitting for this to be portrayed in the church lobby as we study this chapter. Throughout the exhibit Katya is sharing has tied in Ukrainian features, as she was born in Kiev and has family there at this time.

Bethany Covenant Church is hosting an open house to see her art exhibit, “This Side of the Sun” and hear her speak about the works on display. Get a chance to hear more about her experience growing up in Kyiv, how recent world events and the war in Ukraine have spoken into her work, and what we can draw from it today. There will be an opportunity that night to support Covenant World Relief’s work in Ukraine.

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