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As I am sure you already know, this year was…. something else. In 2020, I had 15 brides and grooms change their wedding date. CHANGE THEIR DATE!! I can not even imagine planning a wedding in the year of a world wide pandemic and I just give praise and prayers to all of my couples who had to decide to make the change of their date, their guest list, their venue, whatever was changed, you all figured it out and planned it perfectly.

While almost all weddings had been moved to the new year, many of them still had a small ceremony or blessing. I had the honor of capturing their special day, and let me just say, each of these celebrations I attended this year were absolutely beautiful. While most of the celebrations did not have 2 photographers, some of them did so the behind the scenes photos I was able to save and share with you are from those weddings where I had a second shooter working with me.

A huge thank you to all of my Ali B Couples in working with me to plan your weddings for 2020 and 2021.

Here are some behind the scenes from weddings, engagements and any fun sessions I got to be apart of this year. Masks and Smiles for DAYSSSSS!!!!

When you find the perfect place to hang the dresses but don’t know how to get them where they need to be… you search the venue for a real ladder… not just a step stool that I always carry with me. My second shooter Dawn took one for the team and climbed the ladder to hang these beautiful dresses all while I captured her behind the scenes and the dress detail shots.

Obligitory Selfie with mask on… Carrying my camera and a huge box of heavy flowers for detail shots.

directing a bridal party. Mask on, 6ft. apart or more.

Fluffing that train to get the shot. Nice thing is that its long so I can still maintain my distance and I always ask if its okay I touch the dress.

Shooting details with Dawn while guests and brides attend their cocktail hour. Masked up and loving these creative hand sanitizer favors.

Just a little fashion shoot for a blog post I did about staying safe at weddings…. you can see that post HERE.

When the rooms for getting ready are a little too crowded and you can’t keep a distance/ you cant find good light, we bring the details outside of the room. Here is Danielle shooting details on the floor of a hallway in the hotel utilizing the window light from above her. I love this shot because it shows all the mess we actually make while working on details but the final images are amazing and you do not see any of these items in the background.

Light testing for a hallway with florescent yellow lighting and natural light coming from a window. Can you see the difference?

My girl Danielle sporting her mask during a wedding day… 5 mins of free time to get some masked up shots.

Maintaining distance with the wedding party using my 35 mm to get a little close but not too close. I love Prime lenses. While I have lenses for social distancing, having the control of where I move my body is most comfortable to me, knowing that I am always moving. In the end product, if I want to pull things closer I can in Lightroom.

Just a girl and her camera walking around the perimeter of the tent so she’s safe away from guests.

Light testing. Here, we were outside at night to a light up room with no natural light coming in. We had to do some tweaking to get the settings in camera and in post processing to remove yellow and orange tints.

sometimes the mask will fog up my view finder in camera so I needed to pull it down for a few seconds to see what I was shooting. This was not all the time and it was only if I knew I had enough distance between us to take it down.

Lisa working on getting her lighting set up as the sun was setting and we were going to do some couples portraits.

I even had a few behind the scenes from engagement sessions this year! This photo was during Marie and Matt’s engagement session in at Duxbury Beach. I WENT INTO THE WATER. Yes, you read that right. I went in to the water to get a shot of them on the beach with the water in the foreground. It came out pretty amazing if I do say so myself. <3 It was work getting completely soaked and the reaction Marie and Matt gave me when they noticed I was in the water was priceless!

Danielle, a second shooter of mine is also a photographer, along with our friend Megan. We randomly decided one day to just swap photo sessions so while hanging out so she ran and got the hot curling wand and she did my hair while the kiddos played on the playground.

Lollipops FOR THE WIN!

These guys! Their session was calling for rain but it turned out that the sun was shining the whole session and no lie when we got back to the car it down poured! This was us probably about 2 minutes before the rain started!

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