Rock the Boat at your Wedding Reception

I have never seen anyone play Rock the Boat before at a wedding. Let me tell you, it is probably one of my favorite things to watch!

I was actually packing up for the night when this started. I was gathering all my things when I hear “Rock the Boat” start playing. My back was to the dance floor so I had no idea this was actually happening behind me. As I turned around with my things in my hands and saw this I quickly put it all back down and got my camera back! I can’t believe I had enough time to get these shots! I was worried by the time I got the camera back out the song would have ended, but it didn’t!

The look of PURE JOY on my brides face is amazing. She lead her guests in a Rock the Boat Dance! It was so funny and I highly recommend you trying this at your wedding or next event!


  • Talk to your photographer about the “surprise” games or dances you want to have. Make sure they know. ( in this case, I did not know, and I would have missed it which I don’t think the bride would have been upset about, I just happened to still be there and I wanted to capture it).
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS- If you are getting ready to leave, or maybe 15mins before packing up, ask the DJ when he’s planning on playing that song. If you tell him you are leaving, he will bump it up in the queue.
  • Do some research on 1-2 games. More games might be too much and your guests might not be into it. When talking to your photographer about your timeline of events, explain these games and include them in the timeline.

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