Wedding Table Dash

The first time I saw Wedding Table Dash happen was at Marie and Matt’s wedding. We played this game with over 200 guests and we did it only replaying the song TWICE! (5mins total). It was absolutely so much fun and started a trend for a few other weddings I had and I have to say…. I LOVE IT! It’s a great way to get a photo to EVERYONE who came to your wedding day!

Check Out My Instagram REEL to see us playing it in action!

Wedding Reception games are trending — we have the Shoe Game, Wedding Mad Libs, Demonstrate a Kiss, etc. They’re fun, entertaining and make for great photographs. The Table Dash is my take on wedding games with a photography twist. The result? The couple gets a photo with every guest who attended their wedding.

The Goal: Visit every table for a photo, in the duration of two average-length songs. (You could probably make it three if you have a HUGE guest list).

The Keys to Success:

  1. Couples should work with their DJ in advance so that announcements can be made and guests are prepped and ready to go.
    Timing is important — I like recommending you do this after the Grand Entrance because everyone is already seated, but you’re not interrupting dinner.
  2. Your photographer should have a plan. When I do this game, I send my assistant/second shooter to prep the next table for our photo. This gives the couple and myself a direction to go, ensures that we hit every table, and the table is ready when we arrive.
  3. Make it fun for your guests! Sure, smiling photos are great — but, if you’re the kind of people who love a fun photo, make it a contest. Who can have the best-posed group? Who has the best “themed” pose? How many times can your mom sneak into a table for a photo? 
  4. Don’t forget the Head Table! But — save it for last. That way, you’ll be there when dinner starts! ?

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