Everything you need to know about working together on your wedding day and just a few of my favorite moments.

Before every wedding, a few moments before I am about to get out of the car, I close my eyes and I pray for my couple, their families and that I am able to capture their wedding day celebration with skill and creativeness. For a joy filled day with lots of love, and laughter. You see, besides being a mom to my 2 precious boys, photographing weddings is one of the most rewarding parts of my life. I have built so many friendships and experiences with each of my couples that last far beyond the wedding day and I believe that this is how it should be. 

You may not realize this but every photographer has parts of the wedding day that they favor! My favorite moments of the day stem from my own experience as a bride and also the experience I have had photographing hundreds of weddings. I look forward to these specific parts of the day every time I’m shooting! Here are my three of my favorite parts of the wedding day and why these moments are close to my heart!

1.  I love starting off the day with beautiful details! I consider this my “warm up” time. These details allow me to be creative from the moment I begin shooting on your wedding day. I love having this time to prepare for the rest of your day!

2. Portrait time with the bride and groom is hands down my favorite part of the day! This is when I produce my best work and when my couples really get to enjoy their wedding day. I especially love the moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time! If I could photograph first looks all day long, I would!

3. The first few moments after the ceremony are so special as well! This is when the couple gets to hug, laugh and cry with those that they are closest to. It’s emotional and it’s so very special! I love documenting this part of the day!

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