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I am so thankful for this past weekend! I was surrounded my many of my friends and family as we celebrated a baby sprinkle for Baby B2!

My pregnancy has been a tough one for me this time around. With my first, Ethan, I had sciatica and back pain that started at 9 weeks. With him it lasted through and past labor. This pregnancy has been so different and in my opinion, much harder.  My symptoms have been much different, along with my cravings. ( Give me all the ice cream and cheese in the world! ) While my sciatica and hip pain began late with this one, it’s on and off and not consistent like it was with my first.

Having this sprinkle was something positive to look forward to. It’s been awhile since I have seen many friends and a family and I absolutely loved getting to see so many smiling faces!  Our close friend, Laura  (Tia Lau) planned this celebration and I am so thankful for her. She made the day so special.

The house was decorated in bright colors, games were played and fun fetti cakes and cake pops by Lovely Treats were served along with crowd pleasers from the Ninety-Nine (YUM!) It was such a great day and I really am so happy to see everyone who was able to make it to celebrate!  My sister, Rebecca and her 7-week old daughter traveled from New Jersey to spend the weekend with us and celebrate too! It was so nice to get to spend time with my newest niece and sister! Ethan loved having them over and he did so well with the baby! Can’t wait to see them again!

Baby B 2 was sprinkled with gifts, which I wasn’t expecting and I am grateful for everything! I didn’t get to open anything for a few days after the party as I have been so busy, exhausted and just overwhelmed with emotions! There were a few things that made me tear up while I opened them up and read the cards. One thing that I have to share is a mug that our best baby sitter gave me. It reads, “Home is where mom is.” I saw this and cried and I also cried from the nice things she wrote in the card. It was all so sweet and I couldn’t control the tears. Oh those pregnancy hormones. I can cry on the spot!

A few things you may or may not have already known about BB2:

I am due April 12! A spring time baby! I am so ready for spring and right now I am obsessing over floral patterns. With photo sessions booked up until April 2 and I am taking the month of April off from booking anything as I have no idea when this little one will want to enter the world! I am able to book sessions mid may and beyond for the rest of the year, so contact me if you are looking to have photos taken!

SURPRISE! We do NOT know the gender! My husband and I decided to not find out the gender of our first baby in 2014 and we decided to keep it that way with this one. If I had to guess, since I am loving floral prints and girl clothing, I think it might be a girl….We will find out soon!

I started a baby pool online where you can guess the gender, due date, hair color, weight, etc. Since it is one big surprise for all, this is a fun game to play! Feel free to CLICK HERE to play! The more the merrier!

We have one name of each, ready to go! We decided on one girl name, first and middle and one boy name, first and middle. I still think boys names are the hardest to choose from. For us, we both have to agree on it so it takes some time, and lots of random name bursts daily. When we agree on one, we would write it down and go back to it later. If we leave it up to big brother Ethan, he wants to name the baby Cake…. either gender! We are not sharing the name. We love that everything is one big day of surprises not only for us, but also for you!

Nursery set up!  BB2 will be moving right into Ethan’s nursery. Right now the room is painted grey and has teal/orange accents since we didn’t know the gender for either. It works, I love teal and I love orange together ( my wedding colors!) Once we find out what gender this baby will be I think I will change up the wall décor to fit nicely and have a little change in there since it’s a new baby. Ethan will be moving over to a big boy room, which he is very excited for!

Ultrasounds past 18 weeks! As I mentioned above I had a rough pregnancy this time around. Due to some of the symptoms I have had, I have been getting ultrasounds ever 3 weeks since 30 weeks to check for growth. The baby looks fantastic and super healthy, THANK GOD! It is really unbelievable how big the baby looks on the ultrasound past the 18 week one. Things are smashed in there, and its hard to make out what some things are! The tech has to trace the face for me each time because its all just so hard to tell. Poor little baby! Soon you can stretch out!

Maternity Photos! I was not going to do maternity photos this time around as we had a family session in New Jersey when I was 20 weeks along and I was okay with having a little bump for those. Since that session, symptoms happened and I didn’t feel good at all from November until now. I decided in January to reach out to my networking creative friends to set something up as this year flew by and with a toddler and horrible pregnancy symptoms, I guiltily felt like I didn’t enjoy this pregnancy like I did with my first.

Lindsay Connors Photography reached out to me and we set up a collaboration maternity session! The session was the day after my sprinkle which worked out great as it was a weekend of getting to focus on BB2 and celebrating this special time. I can not wait to share these with you!! Be sure to follow Lindsay Connors Photography on Instagram and Facebook for some previews and also, follow me as I will be sharing a blog all about our session and some peeks on social media!

I am ready to POP! This week I am hitting 37 weeks and I am ready to go. The hospital bags for myself and baby are packed and ready to go. Big Brother sleep over bag for Grampy and TT’s house is ready to go. It is crazy to think in just a few weeks we will be going from a family of 3 to a family of 4! We are overjoyed with the love and support from everyone and we can not wait to meet the newest little Baby B.

So, there you have it. A little look into my pregnancy and a snap shot invite to my baby sprinkle! There really is so much more I could share with you, but these are just some highlights of what has been happening in my life right now. Although its been rough at times, we are so thankful for this little bundle of joy to join our family and we are so thankful that everything is looking good and the baby is getting big and is healthy!

Here are a few highlights from BB2’s Baby Sprinkle from this past Saturday! Everything was adorable and I just loved it all!

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